Brasov Junior's Cup 2015

Brasov Junior 's Cup 2015 comes during 13th to 16th & 20th to 23rd of August

The seventh edition of the football tournament Brasov Junior 's Cup will be held in August in two periods and not one as before. Thus, between 13th and 16th of August will see matches in categories U8 - 2008, U9 - 2007, U10 - 2006, U11 - 2005, U12 - 2004 and U13 - 2003 ( 11vs11). All the matches  will take place at the Carpati Stadium and Sacele Stadium. A week later, between 20th and 23rd of August, will be held the competition in categories U13 - 2003 (8+1 players) U14 - 2002, U15 - 2001 and U16 - 1999/2000. Games are scheduled Carpati, Metrom and Brasovia Stadiums

  • Here you can find the official invitation to Brasov Junior's Cup 2015, tournament scheduled in august 2015. Click here!


  • Here you will find livescores form Brasov Junior's Cup 2015. Click here!


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Facilities at BJC 2015

  • BJC '15 logo T-Shirt for players

    Each player that will participate in Brasov Junior 's Cup will receive from the organizers an official competition t-shirt. The T-Shirt will be customized with the logo of the strongest junior football tournament in South East Europe and will be a beautiful reminder from the 2015t edition .
    Also, participants will have discounts on entrances at many tourist attractions in Brasov.

  • Free transport hotel - stadium - hotel

    Brasov Junior 's Cup will take place, unlike previous years, only in Brasov and not in the surrounding villages. To assist participants, organizers announced that they will provide transportation hotel - stadium and return for each team and each game .
    Also, the players and coaches who will take part in the BJC 2015 will travel free of charge on public transportation in Brasov City.

  • Entrance at Paradisul Acvatic Aqua Park

    All participants in Brasov Junior's Cup (players ) will receive a free entry to Paradisul Acvatic Aqua Park, the largest water park in Romania. Paradisul Acvatic opened in July 2007 and meets all the requirements to be a real health and leisure complex. Is spread over an area of ​​12,000 sqm indoor and another 12,000 sqm of outdoor facilities for the summer season .

Brasov, the most beautiful city in Romania

  • First school in romanian language

    First Romanian Language School is located inside the courtyard of St. Nicholas Church in Brasov's Schei historic district, right next to another famous place, Union Square. The first courses in Romanian took place here in 1583. The present building dates from 1760 and was declared a historical monument. Today, the building houses the "First Romanian School Museum" under the leadership of philologist Vasile Oltean.

  • Poiana Brasov Resort, The Pearl of the Carpathians

    If you get to Brasov, you must necessarily go to the famous Poiana Brasov Resort, called Pearl of the Carpathians. Located 12 km from the city center, Poiana Brasov is a winter sports resort in Romania, being an internationally renowned tourist attraction and a district of Brasov. Poiana was in ancient times an hiking destination and winter sports place. The first documentary dates back to 1427 in the context of the activities of the shepherds that took place here.

  • Bran Castle, beyond Dracula mith

    Bran Castle, known worldwide through Dracula mith and former ruler Vlad Tepes, is situated less than 30 km from Brasov, on the road from old neighborhood Bartholomew linking Brasov to Campulung. Bran Castle is built on a rock in a key strategic point of view .
    He currently hosts Bran museum, wich is spanning on 4 floors of the castle.

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